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How much are we going to automate?

A simple answer is everything that possibly you can think of. Automation is going to touch every aspect of our life. We’ll continue to automate till we reach nirvana state, only to start the cycle again 🙂

We are fortunate enough to be part of the industrial revolution. During this era, manual activities have become mechanized. At a later stage,  mechanized activities become automated. The machines which were governed by people instead can operate without any assistance from humans. Industries and professional activities were the primary candidates for automation. However, we are now seeing an impact to our day to day life.

Air conditioning or heating equipment is the simplest example of automation. These types of equipment can simply turn on or off depending on the set threshold and temperature. Such a simple equipment also now going to experience next level of automation. It would be able to assess usage pattern throughout the day or in a year. Adjust itself automatically without any manual interventions. Or calibrate usage pattern if it detects lower number of residents (e.g. Vacation) or sudden increase in number of residents (e.g. Party)

Another simple example is terminal trains at airports. These trains run from one terminal to another, without any manual intervention. They know where to stop; when to open and close doors and when to start return journey.

Another extensively discuss topic nowadays is driverless car or truck. Or Drones capable of maneuvering through obstacles and delivering goods to expected location. Automation has already started revolutionizing the agricultural and farming industry.

But this is not the end. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Automation yet to impact our day to day life. I’ll share more details in subsequent posts, however here’s a glimpse.

In near future, we’ll have army of tiny robots performing coordinated task like wall to wall painting. Or rather change wall art every other month in our home

Is this really possible?